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Sundar Raghavan
"This is awesome. In terms of beating expectations for leads, you take the cake."
Sundar Raghavan
Product Marketing, Google
Amita Abraham
"The latest issue of ITO America is certainly a page‐turner! I love the fact that its rich with content, provides different viewpoints, and doesn't shy away from using colour to make the magazine stand out. Having a CIO Though Leadership team drive the content for the magazine is certainly a differentiator. Nicely done!"
Amita Abraham
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Fujitsu Computer Systems Corporation
Vice President Marketing & Sales Operations
"Great job on the webinar. I thought it went very well and I’d like to thank everyone who worked in front of and behind the scenes to make this a professional and successful event, your contributions are appreciated. Looking forward to engaging on the lead processing and management. We will generate some significant opportunities for our respective products based upon this event."
Vice President Marketing & Sales Operations
Active Power
Lisa Russell
"As a first time client of ITO America, I would like to acknowledge the excellent, efficient and responsive service that was delivered by the ITO team. We were able to run a program that directly messaged to a targeted IT audience, generated interest, and provided high quality re‐useable marketing assets. The weekly lead updates ensured a high level of transparency during the campaign. I was also impressed by the quality of the hardcopy magazine."
Lisa Russell
Sr. Marketing Program Manager, Infor
Wendy Perilli
"VMware began working with ITO America in October of 2008 and have enjoyed a excellent working relationship well into 2009. Every aspect of the ITO America program is managed seamlessly. I was very pleased with the quality of the thought leadership content the ITO editorial and design team have produced for VMware. I was even more impressed with the leads the content was able to generate. Amongst the masses of online lead generation programs the CIO and senior IT executive leads delivered by ITO America truly stand out. VMware appreciates ITO America's ability to attract high level contributors and their commitment to deliver results. Thanks ITO!"
Wendy Perilli
Director, Product Marketing, VMware
Steve Duplessie
"I shall give kudos to the CDM folks on this one - Brian, who attended the event, said there were 120 very senior IT exec's there - legitimate CIOs and VP/IT types - all from financial services so they all had huge budgets, huge staffs, and huge problems. (Side note: Brian suggests that it's worth any smaller company paying whatever the fees are to get into this event - speed dating with this crowd is hugely valuable.) "
Steve Duplessie
Founder & Senior Analyst, ESG
William DiBella
"As a new start-up company we have two goals; Firstly to influence senior IT personnel in the top companies, secondly to generate interest and leads around our product and service. ITO offered us both and I firmly recommend ITO to any company that is looking to influence decision makers and build the sales pipeline. We will work again and again with this product!"
William DiBella
CEO & Founder, Centric Solutions
Susan Peter & Christine Aruza
"Christine and I both thought the print version was top notch. Well done!"
Susan Peter & Christine Aruza
VP Product Marketing & VP Corporate Marketing, Radware
Marketing Manager
"A fantastic way to influence CIOs and senior IT executives through an integrated approach has produced us some great results. We will be working with ITO in the next edition!"
Marketing Manager
Motorola Technology
Atefeh Riazi
"I just got a copy of the magazine and loved it. I truly believe Green IT is a major initiative for many CIOs today and your focus on that important topic is critical for the IT community. I think the magazine looks fabulous. Thanks again."
Atefeh Riazi
World Wide CIO, Sr. Partner Worldwide IT, Ogilvy & Mather