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IT Savings Made Simple-Rethink Your User Desktops

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Articles in Business Technology

Today's enterprises place a premium on workforce agility: the ability to deploy employees wherever they’re needed, and wherever they can support the business most effectively and efficiently - at headquarters, a branch office, a customer or partner site, on the road, or at home. But this kind of flexibility doesn't come easily; in recent years, desktop management has become complicated enough even with employees in a single location. Distributed across an ever-extending landscape, it becomes a challenge in desperate need of a better approach.

Users who work offsite pose numerous headaches for the IT organization. Telecommuters who rely on specialized applications must either install them on their home computer-increasing licensing costs while requiring IT to support a non-standard system-or carry a corporate laptop back and forth regularly from the office, risking loss, theft or damage. Work beyond the firewall also makes data and application security difficult or impossible to guarantee. Mobile workers and those in remote locations— including both branch offices and third-party sites-make routine software updates and user management tasks a logistical and scheduling challenge.

Desktop virtualization changes this picture dramatically; no matter where employees are - onsite or offsite - or what device they use, they can securely access the same familiar environment of data and applications. Because routine maintenance and support take place within the datacenter, users are no longer dependent on in-person IT resources and can receive the same high level of service from any location.

Podcast 70w Dk Grey A Closer Look at Desktop Virtualization
In this podcast, Harry Labana, VP & CTO at the XenApp Product Group at Citrix, makes the case for desktop virtualization by examining its benefits, risks and associated costs. Labana also explores the differences between desktop virtualization and VDI, and explains how Citrix's partnership with Microsoft has changed both companies' approach to desktop virtualization.

Citrix Technical Guide: Using a Comprehensive Virtualization Solution to Maintain Business Continuity
Establishing, implementing and maintaining an effective disaster recovery and business continuity plan is a high priority agenda item for organizations worldwide.
Citrix Making the Case for Desktop Virtualization
Anyone familiar with IT knows that Citrix is a power player in the market, focusing on virtualization, centralization and optimization. Citrix serves 99 percent of Fortune Global 500 enterprises, and partners with more 10,000 companies worldwide. Glenn Willis, Editor-in-Chief of ITO America had the opportunity to speak with Harry Labana the VP and CTO of the XenApp Product Group at Citrix, Labana offers his executive insight on the ins and outs of desktop virtualization.
Citrix A Guide to Ensuring Business Continuity through the Power of Virtualization
With increasing pressure to better serve customers, ensure revenue growth and remain competitive at all times, business leaders are seeking a solution that allows them to efficiently continue to conduct business as usual-no matter what situation arises.
Harry Labana Harry Labana
VP & CTO, XenApp Product Group, Citrix Systems Inc.

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