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Maza drives 100x more viewers to live video product launch.

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Articles in Business Technology

IBM Definitive Guide to Enterprise Video Infographic
Video moves people. More than any other medium, it can make them feel. Streaming video can reach just about any connected device, so it's changing how fast and effectively people communicate. The Definitive Guide to Enterprise Video provides innovative ideas to help you learn how cloud-based video platforms can make it easier to create, produce, manage and measure the use of video.
IBM Improve Employee Engagement Through Live Video
A surprising number of employees, 41 percent, admitted in the Gallup survey that they do not understand what their companies stand for or how they differ from their competitors. Live video streaming can be a highly effective communication method, when you consider the fact that spending about $100 per employee communicating in a more efficient way could yield a 50 to 1 return on investment. Find out how in this informative whitepaper.
IBM Enterprise Video Security Components & Services
Video security is increasingly important for internal corporate communications, ranging from executive town halls to training assets. As a result, content owners need to be assured that their video assets are secured and only reaching an intended and controlled audience. This whitepaper covers the enterprise video security landscape including authentication, encryption, data backup, and other content protection best practices.