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IT Leader Biography

John Madden

Research Director, Ovum

John Madden

John Madden brings more than a decade of industry experience to Ovum Summit, where he covers professional services and consulting; enterprise services; outsourcing and managed services; offshore outsourcing trends; systems integrators (SIs), including global, midsize and regional SIs; and support services. He also concentrates on trends in the small to medium business (SMB) market. Much of John's coverage focuses on the strategies of the major system and services vendors, including vendors' attempts to use services-led solutions selling and business value as a catalyst for the adoption of dynamic computing technology and services. He also focuses on vendors' efforts to expand their internal services expertise, and augment their services partnerships and partnership-management techniques. John also charts SMB initiatives, particularly how vendors are expanding and augmenting their efforts to sell to midsize businesses.

John regularly consults with some of the industry's leading server and services vendors, as well as global and regional SIs and outsourcers, as they develop new services around dynamic computing, refine and enhance existing services, and devise effective competitive strategies in an increasingly cut-throat market. John assists vendors as they develop marketing messages and presentations aimed at services customers, potential partners and the press. He has spoken at forums and conferences including ISPCON, and is widely quoted in leading industry and business publications and news outlets, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, InformationWeek, and CNET

Prior to joining Ovum Summit, John was a senior writer at PC Week (now eWEEK), where he spearheaded the magazine's coverage of outsourcing and services. He closely followed larger IT service providers such as IBM Global Services and Electronic Data Systems; hosting providers; and systems integrators and consulting firms. John charted the progress of traditional hardware and software vendors, SIs and outsourcers, as they added or expanded their own services divisions.

John earned a bachelor's degree in Journalism from Boston University.