ITO America - Whitepapers ITO America online magazine Orange Business Services: A Telecom Business Reinvents Itself for the Cloud Era When your industry's revenue projections flatten, how can you break away and continue to grow? Learn how Orange Business Services leveraged NetApp storage to reinvent their company by becoming a cloud services provider and exceeded their revenue goals of zero to €500 million by 2015. CIO Study: Hybrid Cloud Requires a Transition from IT Service Builder to IT Service Broker According to a worldwide survey of IT executives, their organizations are already deploying multiple cloud models, and they expect that more than half of their IT services will be delivered via the cloud three years from now. NetApp Best Hybrid Cloud Insights This collection of insights, market trends and best practice recommendations, suggest ideas that are relevant for any organization evaluating or managing a hybrid cloud environment. NetApp enables unrestricted yet secure movement of data across any public and private clouds, allowing you to move to hybrid cloud architectures. Hybrid Cloud for Dummies eBook IT organizations need the right tools and technologies to make hybrid cloud strategies a flexible and efficient reality for their organizations. Learn how to address inhibitors to cloud adoption, recognize data challenges in the cloud and seamlessly move data in the cloud. Rent, Lease or Buy: Choosing the best cloud storage consumption model to fit your business requirements As business requirements drive the need for a hybrid cloud strategy, companies must determine how best to run their applications and manage their data-whether in their private data center, near the cloud, or in the cloud. Hyperscale cloud providers offer excellent flexibility by allowing customers to buy raw resources in a consumption model by the hour. 4 Critical Risks Facing Microsoft® Office 365™ Implementation It seems nearly every technology discussion today somehow involves the cloud -- whether positive or negative, the cloud is a viable option in nearly every aspect of IT. With Microsoft's push to move Exchange environments to Office 365, this move requires planning both the migration and also how to ensure the same level of administration, security, and message hygiene you've come to enjoy with your on-premises implementation. Read this white paper to learn the considerations you should address internally when planning and implementing the move to Office 365. Balancing Security, Compliance and Cost: the Prescription for Healthcare Email Management: Move to the Cloud Learn how cloud-based technologies for core productivity tools such as email and collaboration can help healthcare organizations be more efficient with IT dollars and focus on strategic initiatives such as the EMR. Email Archives: No Longer Fit for Purpose? This paper examines the difficulties and pain points that organizations encounter as they seek to straddle the conflicting pressures of ever increasing email volumes on one hand, and the need for faster, more flexible accessibility on the other. It also explores what practices and policies are currently in use when it comes to archiving emails, and the ways in which businesses can improve practices in this crucial area. Recognizing Five Sources of High-Profile Data Security Breaches This white paper discusses the 5 major categories of vulnerabilities that IT and security professionals need to account for in their solutions planning. Storage Anywhere and Everywhere: Dealing with the Challenges of Data Fragmentation The shape of the IT landscape has been evolving over the years and continues to do so. Gone are the days when one or two central systems could meet all of the organization's IT needs. We now have more departmental applications, collaboration and sharing environments, and even cloud-based services in the mix, with access via desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones that can each store data in their own right. Against this background, are we in danger of losing control of our business information? The Client Mandate on Security Like most other organizations, law firms face new challenges every day when protecting their confidential information. Unlike many other organizations, however, law firms must also protect their client's confidential information. They have long been required to secure private information due to legal and regulatory requirements. Email is a key area of a firm's IT infrastructure when it comes to vigilance for security and governance. The Importance of Continuity in Office 365 Environments While 99.9% email uptime is acceptable in some situations, it simply is not good enough for many users and organizations. Email is an essential tool for communications, collaboration and content sharing, and is employed more than all other tools combined to accomplish these tasks. Consequently, email must remain available as close to 100% of the time as possible in order for information workers to remain productive. Unfortunately, email downtime is a fact of life for virtually every organization and carries with it a variety of consequences that range from the annoying to the financially devastating. Enterprise Tech: Pick Your Cloud, Control Your Data Find out how new hybrid cloud architectures enable you to take advantage of public cloud resources from Amazon, Microsoft, and others while keeping your enterprise firmly in the driver's seat. You'll learn how you can benefit from the elastic compute power of public clouds and still maintain control over your company's data. Overcoming the Cloud Storage Challenge: Building and Operating Real Hybrid Clouds Today with NetApp This report examines the most common hybrid cloud architectures and the storage management factors required for IT to extend their data center with efficiency. Learn about the keys to successfully implementing a hybrid cloud approach. CIO eBook: Cloud-Integrated Storage: Save Money and Drive Backup Efficiency This eBook, written by CIO, highlights how organizations can save money and drive backup efficiency with cloud-integrated storage solutions such as NetApp AltaVault. State of California Technical Case Study The State of California sets a new standard for IT with Shared Services. Learn how the California Natural Resources Agency harnessed the power of cloud computing to reduce IT capital costs by 42% and speed up service delivery by 70%. The Timeline of a Spear-Phishing Attack on Your Organization In The Spear-Phishing Attack Timeline, you'll get an inside look at the anatomy of a spear-phishing attack. Step by step and day by day, you'll see where the mistakes get made and how vulnerabilities get exploited - all leading up to that day when the CEO must make the rounds of national news media to admit that customer data has been compromised. CIO Guide: Hybrid Cloud Use Cases That Reduce TCO and Drive Business Value This CIO Guide examines several innovative solutions from NetApp that enable organizations to leverage Microsoft Azure in a hybrid cloud environment. NetApp AltaVault helps organizations to lower costs and reduces backup and archiving risks, while NetApp Private Storage for Microsoft Azure improves disaster recovery and deploys primary enterprise workloads. Avoid online infrastructure blind spots with Internet Performance Management Many companies have embraced a cloud strategy for key technology initiatives. With the widespread adoption of cloud‐based services, enterprise Infrastructure and Operational teams can now strategically evaluate which services are best delivered in‐house and which are more effectively delivered by hosted service providers. By leveraging Internet Performance Management (IPM) services, you can confidently migrate critical functions to the cloud and improve your operational capabilities by focusing on the projects that are most critical to your business. Performance optimisations in a cloud-centric World Back in the day it was simple. Content was served from your server, over your network, and then to client machines that you controlled. Even when that moved out from a LAN to a WAN, the connectivity came from a single provider - it was all under your control. Then came the Internet... Now content was being served across the public Internet to end-user machines -you lost control of the location, type of machine, and type of connectivity. Then came the cloud... Why every Enterprise needs an Internet Performance Management (IPM) Strategy The cloud is transforming enterprise IT. All over the world, businesses of every size and industry are migrating applications from enterprise data centers to the cloud to improve IT agility and contain costs. According to Cisco Global Cloud Index, by 2018, 78% of all workloads will be processed in the cloud and only 22% will be processed by traditional data centers. Understanding and Mitigating DDoS in the Enterprise DDoS attacks are common and pose a risk to security and business continuity. The Domain Name System (DNS) is fundamental to the performance and availability of your web traffic and the success of your digital business. Unfortunately DNS infrastructure is a common target for Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. By overwhelming your DNS infrastructure, malicious attackers can impair your website, tarnish your company's reputation, and impact your bottom line. You need a highly resilient and scalable DNS infrastructure to mitigate today's increasingly sophisticated security threats. Get The Complete Customer View Getting an accurate view of your customer can be a challenge if you have multiple disconnected business systems. Data is often fragmented and scattered across these silos, making it difficult and time-consuming to tie multiple sources of data together. Read this short comparison guide to find out how a single integrated software suite provides you with the key business data you need for a unified view of your customers - helping you maximise revenue and identify customer trends for strategic planning. Move to NetSuite From mid-size to enterprise, businesses are slashing their total cost of ownership, improving their team's productivity and integrating processes through secure access to the worlds #1 cloud business software suite. Read this fact sheet to find out how. Lucy Locket - A Case Study Lucy Locket turned to NetSuite to help pursue its strategic objectives of growing the business by 75% each year over a five-year span. Read this short case study to find out how NetSuite's complete cloud business solution helped Lucy Locket to easily manage finance, inventory, e-commerce, and CRM, with real-time reporting and seamless scalability providing crucial opportunities for business development. Cloud vs On-Premise ERP System From losing customisation to version-lock, it's understandable that upgrades can be daunting if your business is using an on-premise ERP system. According to the Aberdeen Group, nearly half of organisations cite a fear of business disruption as a reason to avoid upgrading. How can you Gain A Real-Time Comprehensive View of your Business? If you're trying to grow your business globally, it's vital that you have a real-time comprehensive view of your business operations. Definitive Guide to Enterprise Video Infographic Video moves people. More than any other medium, it can make them feel. Streaming video can reach just about any connected device, so it's changing how fast and effectively people communicate. The Definitive Guide to Enterprise Video provides innovative ideas to help you learn how cloud-based video platforms can make it easier to create, produce, manage and measure the use of video. Enterprise Video Security Components & Services Video security is increasingly important for internal corporate communications, ranging from executive town halls to training assets. As a result, content owners need to be assured that their video assets are secured and only reaching an intended and controlled audience. This whitepaper covers the enterprise video security landscape including authentication, encryption, data backup, and other content protection best practices. Improve Employee Engagement Through Live Video A surprising number of employees, 41 percent, admitted in the Gallup survey that they do not understand what their companies stand for or how they differ from their competitors. Live video streaming can be a highly effective communication method, when you consider the fact that spending about $100 per employee communicating in a more efficient way could yield a 50 to 1 return on investment. Find out how in this informative whitepaper.