ITO America - Whitepapers ITO America online magazine Customer 1-on-1 : Creating the Personalized Business Ecosystem A digitized world has changed production and consumption paradigms irrevocably. As the consumer moves online, his sphere of activities-social, transactional, recreational, knowledge-oriented-are increasingly being conducted in the virtual space. HCL's customer-centric solution for Media and Publishing companies helps create such a personalized interaction zone for online consumers through relevant data aggregation, advanced analytics and web techniques to promote products, services, trials and deal offers that are almost Taking a Predictive View on Customer Experience Management The environment that creates customer dissatisfaction-related churn in video services, is primarily caused by the reactive approach that cable companies take toward problem resolution. HCL advocates the use of technology to create capabilities that drive a proactive and preventive approach to problem identification and response. Such capabilities can create competitive advantage in such a market, stanching revenue loss and safeguarding overall enterprise networth. In the sections below, we examine in detail the current scenario in the video services market and present a technology framework that can enable this. Case Study- Riverbed Steelhead Enables Private Cloud Services for Global Natural Resources Firm Rayonier chose Riverbed Technology for a global WAN optimization solution in order to make its private cloud a reality. With Riverbed, Rayonier consolidated and virtualized eight data centers down to two, without diminishing end-user performance or adding bandwidth. Payback on the Riverbed investment was less than a year. Download the case study to learn how your organization can similarly benefit. Case Study- Riverbed Enables Cloud Computing for Constangy, Brooks & Smith, LLP Download this case study or watch the video to learn how Constangy, Brooks & Smith, a labor and employment law firm, improved the efficiency of their IT infrastructure. With the help of solutions from Riverbed Technology, the firm consolidated and virtualized many different servers, and eliminated the expense and difficulty of remotely managing hardware and software. Learn how you can too. WAN Optimization: The Key to Effective Private Clouds This CIO article discusses how WAN optimization solutions, like those Riverbed Technology offers, can accelerate private cloud implementations and enable users to be productive, while helping to deliver the cost and management efficiencies businesses require. Read the informational story now and learn why companies like MasterBrand Cabinets chose Steelhead WAN optimization appliances for superior performance. Riverbed Extends from WAN Optimization to Edge Virtual Server Infrastructure In this report, Taneja Group explores how Riverbed Technology has identified a way to lower IT costs in branch offices. The new Steelhead EX + Granite appliance combines a Lab Validation Report: Riverbed Steelhead EX + Granite This informative ESG Lab report examines the Riverbed Steelhead EX + Granite appliance, which delivers a powerful combination of wide area network (WAN) optimization, a virtual services platform, and innovative block-storage optimization to help organizations consolidate servers and storage and deliver IT services globally, while ensuring the performance required in remote and branch offices. Download this informative report now to find out how edge-VSI can improve your IT infrastructure. Successfully Consolidating Branch-Office Infrastructure In The Face Of More Users, Services, and Devices The enormity of a consolidation effort in a global organization can be daunting, but the rewards are compelling. To get a step in the right direction, download this informative report from Forrester Consulting to find out how organizations are successfully consolidating their environments using advanced WAN optimization solutions along with an updated vocabulary and adjusted business approaches to drive greater business value from IT infrastructure. CIO's Guide to Advanced Consolidation Consolidating IT infrastructures is a continuing trend, particularly in an uncertain economy with organizations looking to reduce costs. Broader consolidation requires overcoming complexity, distance, latency, and silos; but a well-planned and executed consolidation approach can extend beyond cost savings to include improved risk mitigation and efficiently. Download and learn to maximize the data center of the future and consolidate without compromise. Four Missing Components that Put Your Data Center Consolidation/Migration Project at Risk Data center consolidation and migration projects are fraught with risk. By using Network Behavior Analysis (NBA) systems to get a handle on dependency information, usage information, change impact information, and post-change problem identification, IT organizations can significantly reduce risk by automating and improving the planning process and minimizing disruption during implementation. Download this informative Riverbed white paper to learn more. Forrester Application Visibility: The Root Of Good Service Management As your business needs become more dynamic, monitoring systems will be key to understanding how applications fulfill business needs and your ability to provide governance will determine the success level of your entire enterprise. With complexity growing at such a hyperbolic rate, in the future, automated application discovery and dependency mapping will not just be useful -it will be mandatory. Cloud Based Software: 10 Reasons It's The Best Approach The Cloud: A New Home for Enterprise Content and Collaboration The Cloud: Reinventing Enterprise Collaboration It is no surprise to anyone working in virtually any business anywhere in the world today, that knowledge is power. Having access to the most accurate, up-to-date corporate information, and the ability to easily collaborate on that information gives organizations the means to make decisions that drive the most positive business outcomes. Collaboration and content sharing are not, of course, new concepts. But cloud computing has changed the nature of collaboration, content sharing, document storage and project management to enable more efficient, faster-acting and cost-effective enterprises. Balancing Security, Compliance and Cost: the Prescription for Healthcare Email Management: Move to the Cloud Learn how cloud-based technologies for core productivity tools such as email and collaboration can help healthcare organizations be more efficient with IT dollars and focus on strategic initiatives such as the EMR. Email Archives: No Longer Fit for Purpose? This paper examines the difficulties and pain points that organizations encounter as they seek to straddle the conflicting pressures of ever increasing email volumes on one hand, and the need for faster, more flexible accessibility on the other. It also explores what practices and policies are currently in use when it comes to archiving emails, and the ways in which businesses can improve practices in this crucial area. Recognizing Five Sources of High-Profile Data Security Breaches This white paper discusses the 5 major categories of vulnerabilities that IT and security professionals need to account for in their solutions planning. Storage Anywhere and Everywhere: Dealing with the Challenges of Data Fragmentation The shape of the IT landscape has been evolving over the years and continues to do so. Gone are the days when one or two central systems could meet all of the organization's IT needs. We now have more departmental applications, collaboration and sharing environments, and even cloud-based services in the mix, with access via desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones that can each store data in their own right. Against this background, are we in danger of losing control of our business information? The Client Mandate on Security Like most other organizations, law firms face new challenges every day when protecting their confidential information. Unlike many other organizations, however, law firms must also protect their client's confidential information. They have long been required to secure private information due to legal and regulatory requirements. Email is a key area of a firm's IT infrastructure when it comes to vigilance for security and governance. The Timeline of a Spear-Phishing Attack on Your Organization In The Spear-Phishing Attack Timeline, you'll get an inside look at the anatomy of a spear-phishing attack. Step by step and day by day, you'll see where the mistakes get made and how vulnerabilities get exploited - all leading up to that day when the CEO must make the rounds of national news media to admit that customer data has been compromised. Definitive Guide to Enterprise Video Infographic Video moves people. More than any other medium, it can make them feel. Streaming video can reach just about any connected device, so it's changing how fast and effectively people communicate. The Definitive Guide to Enterprise Video provides innovative ideas to help you learn how cloud-based video platforms can make it easier to create, produce, manage and measure the use of video. Enterprise Video Security Components & Services Video security is increasingly important for internal corporate communications, ranging from executive town halls to training assets. As a result, content owners need to be assured that their video assets are secured and only reaching an intended and controlled audience. This whitepaper covers the enterprise video security landscape including authentication, encryption, data backup, and other content protection best practices. Improve Employee Engagement Through Live Video A surprising number of employees, 41 percent, admitted in the Gallup survey that they do not understand what their companies stand for or how they differ from their competitors. Live video streaming can be a highly effective communication method, when you consider the fact that spending about $100 per employee communicating in a more efficient way could yield a 50 to 1 return on investment. Find out how in this informative whitepaper. The Great Debate: One Integrated Business System vs. Siloed Applications This white paper covers the types of inefficiencies caused by running disparate business solutions and systems for different departments and how a software platform that unifies critical business processes helps companies grow more rapidly and profitably. Why Today's Business Applications Belong in the Cloud Cloud is the underlying technology platform that liberates and enables. It liberates organisations by streamlining and automating back-end processes and it enables transformation through its inherent scalability and flexibility and its ability to support core business operations.  Find out more by reading this informative study on Cloud. Frost & Sullivan: Disrupt, Collapse, Transform; The Role of Cloud Computing in Industry Transformation This white paper covers the types of inefficiencies caused by running disparate business solutions and systems for different departments and how a software platform that unifies critical business processes helps companies grow more rapidly and profitably. The Role of Cloud in European Business Transformation NetSuite and Frost & Sullivan have conducted a survey of 1,425 CEOs, CFOs, CIOs and IT Directors across the UK, France, Netherlands and Sweden, drawn from a cross section of industries. This research looks to identify how cloud is driving innovation, growth and competitive advantage in Europe. How Faster Database Recovery Reduces Your Risk Aberdeen's analysis shows that an engineered systems approach to data protection - as exemplified by the Oracle Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance - Increases the rate of recovery from unplanned disruptions to business-critical applications and data by 1.5 times to 3.3 times, as compared to traditional incremental backups, with a median of 2.5 times. Reducing Risk in the Face of Cyberattacks and Data Loss Exposure Enterprises like yours face the growing risk of cyberattacks, which increases your exposure to the risk of data loss. One of the most menacing forms of these is ransomware, where your data is encrypted and literally held ransom—until you pay cybercriminals to release it, or you recover your data from a point in time before your systems were attacked. Such attacks and data losses make headlines —damaging your organization’s reputation. And with new regulations concerning data protection coming into force (such as those introduced by the US Department of the Treasury and the European Union) failing to prepare for a quick recovery from a cyberattack could mean serious financial penalties. Protecting the Digital Enterprise Enterprise data protection has grown unwieldy, with systems from various vendors claiming to protect all of an enterprise’s data—and none of them doing a particularly good job of addressing mission-critical data recoverability requirements. It’s a situation that introduces risk and raises concerns about IT’s ability to recover in a timely manner and without data loss from outages caused by cybercrime, system failures, or human error. An integrated strategy that focuses on the complete data recovery needs of an enterprise can eliminate data loss, cut recovery times, and reduce IT complexity—while ensuring data security and positioning the enterprise to seamlessly take advantage of the cloud