ITO America - Webinars ITO America online magazine Evolving Mobility Needs and Requirements for the Enterprise Even in a time with great economic and financial uncertainty, the IT and business landscape continues to change at a frenetic pace. One of the greatest areas of change pertains to the adoption of smartphones and other mobile solutions in the enterprise. This adoption has also changed in the last couple of years from an almost exclusively centrally procured process to one where individuals can go to their local store and purchase their smartphone of choice. Information Risk Control: A Strategy Approach Scott Crawford, Managing Research Director, Security & Risk Management with Enterprise Management Associates, and Michael Song, RSA discuss the information risk challenge, and how taking a strategic approach can help organizations to take maximum advantage of the full set of tools at their disposal. Driving the Customer-Centric Contact Center In this webinar, Dave Boulanger, Aberdeen Group and Trent Fulcher, Cincom, look at new ways to use customer service as a strategic differentiator. Mobile Device Management Winning the Battle on IT's Front Lines Scott Crawford, EMA and Joe Owens, Sybase iAnywhere discuss Mobile Device Management. It's No Secret: The Mobile Market Is Exploding. Outsourcing Security with Smart Protection Raimund Genes, Global CTO, Trend Micro and Charlotte Dunlap, Sr. Analyst, ESG Discuss SaaS and Trend Micro's Smart Protection. Enterprise Mobility Management Imperatives Dean Alms, Founder & VP of Strategy, Visage Mobile & Philippe Winthrop, Strategy Analytics Discuss Enterprise Mobility Management. Managing IT Demand: Service Decisions to Control IT Costs Not in recent history has the population-at-large received such a lesson on economics - supply, demand, availability, and pricing- as it has this past year. Leverage Actuarial Modeling for New Insurance Risk Challenges Join Aberdeen Group, IBM and Microsoft for an Insurance-focused, paradigm shifting webcast detailing how to address and overcome the top challenges faced in the increasingly complex and risky global market. Leveraging the Cloud Without Vaporizing your IT Budget Cloud-based infrastructure principles have received considerable attention in recent months, leaving IT decision makers to question areas where the attention is deserved, and what it means to current and long term strategic decisions. Hyper-Efficient or Just Hype? The Real Economics Behind Data Center and Infrastructure Containerization In this webinar moderated by Nik Simpson, Burton Group, Steve Cumings, HP and Martin Olsen, Active Power discuss data center containerization and how to deploy a data center economically and rapidly. Desktop Virtualization Offers Economic Stimulus Package: Where is the ROI of VDI? In today's economic times, IT departments are dealing with pressures to reduce costs while maintaining service level agreements on shoe-string budgets. Chris Wolf, Burton Group and Paul Ghostine, Quest Software, outline savings and efficiency gains. Business Analytics : The Light that Shines Brightest Business analytics continues to light the way to the best growth opportunities along the risk curve. Today, business analysts can apply powerful business analytical techniques to reveal fiscal health - even in real-time. ITIL- Delivering Real Value in a Downturn In the midst of a downturn thoughts can move to survival across board budget cuts. While cutting costs may be essential, applying the same type of cuts within every department can make things worse. Get the Balance Right: A Guide to E-mail Governance According to Enterprise Strategy Group research: e-mail, when compared to other business applications, will have the greatest impact on server and storage spending over the next two years and eighty percent of electronic discovery events involves e-mail and associated attachments. Gregory P. Kosinski, Director, EMC and Brian Babineau, Senior Analyst, ESG discuss common e-mail management practices and their drawbacks as well offer opportunities and suggestions for improvement. Looking at Virtualization Performance through a Network Lens Are you worried about how server administrators configure virtual switches? Do you ever wonder when virtualization and live VM migration will create chaos on the network? If so, watch this EMA, Cisco and NetQoS webinar that discusses both inhibitors and solutions for assuring performance for critical applications migrated to a virtualized environment. Using SSDs to Reduce Data Center Costs As data centers continue to grow exponentially in size and scope, managers are under constant pressure to meet increasing requirements while also improving server and storage utilization. This webinar discusses how to seamlessly integrate SSD and HPHA best practices into all leading systems, storage, operating systems, and applications to reduce IT costs, reduce power consumption and minimize maintenance costs and physical space requirements, all with maximum I/O performance. Key Considerations for Business & IT Continuity Business interruptions such as site closures due to fire, natural disasters, severe weather, and pandemics can displace employees from their workplace, significantly impacting the productivity of the employees; in turn financially impacting organizations. Join Bob Laliberte, ESG and Dave Podwojski, Dir. of Gov't, Education & Health, Citrix, Americas and discover the key technology components in an effective workforce & business continuity strategy. Practical VM Security Techniques for Internal and External Virtualized Infrastructures This webcast discusses current trends in virtual infrastructure security while offering practical techniques for securely managing today's virtual infrastructures. Learn new approaches for virtualization security, security features that should be included in all production-use hypervisors, as well as key questions that IT decision makers should be asking to prospective hypervisor and security vendors. Rethink Your Web Gateway Security - Why You Need More than URL Filtering Cybercriminals are more organized to the point that web-borne malware has become an integral part of the Internet. This webinar explores the changing threat landscape, the movement toward cloud-based technologies in response to changing security requirements, and why real-time threat intelligence and consolidation of security services at the Internet gateway brings greater protection for less cost. Shield Vulnerabilities with Virtual Patching from Trend Micro Got older systems? Shield vulnerabilities before they can be exploited! No time or budget to upgrade Windows 2000, hard-to-patch databases, or other unsupported systems? Without bug fixes, patch releases, or workarounds, these systems are vulnerable to new malware and other cybercriminal exploits. See what Trend Micro virtual patching can do for you. Where Ignorance Is Not Bliss: Understanding How Virtualization and Cloud Computing Changes Security Management This webcast explores the changes in security management wrought by the transformative technology of virtualization - changes that enterprises cannot afford to ignore - and the emergence of new techniques and tools that give enterprises the visibility and control over the virtual environment this new paradigm requires. PCI & Virtualization: Achieving PCI Compliance in Complex Environments In this webinar Jon Oltsik, Senior Principal Analyst, ESG and Allan MacPhee, Senior Product Manager, Trend Micro examine security challenges and PCI Compliance in complex environments. They also discuss how compliance can be more difficult to achieve in a virtualized environment as well as PCI DSS 2.0 specification requirements.