ITO America - Videos ITO America online magazine Dave Barnes, CIO & SVP, UPS Dave Barnes, CIO, UPS, discusses innovative IT strategies to lead an agile, responsive, and dynamic business Ralph Szygenda An interview with General Motors' Group Vice President and CIO, Ralph Szygenda Bomgar Software and ITIL Bomgar software can accelerate ITIL initiatives and speed incident management and problem resolution with comprehensive root-cause analysis tools. Farhat Ali Farhat Ali, President & CEO, Fujitsu Computer Systems Corporation: On how to combine BPM and SOA projects and how they result in deeper benefits and agility Key Ways to Maximize the Value of Your IT Investment in Challenging Economic Times In today's challenging economic climate, organizations are looking for ways to deliver improved results with shorter time horizons and fewer resources. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is by reevaluating your IT strategy and expenditures and better aligning them with the current business environment. During an economic downturn the most successful organizations find ways to use technology as a weapon to better achieve their business goals and gain competitive advantage. Migrating 10,000 + Users to Google Apps Kiran Vedak, JohnsonDiversey, Joe Koziol, Google, and Carl Krupitzer, Appirio, talk about their experience migrating 10,000+ users to Google Apps from Lotus Notes in less than 5 months. They discuss how migration to Google Apps helps JohnsonDiversey achieve their corporate goals of environmental leadership and fiscal responsibility and what they learned along the way about migrating large enterprises. Professional Services in the Cloud: From Siloed PSA to end-to-end Services Resource Planning Join Michael Fauscette (Group Vice President, Software Business Solutions, IDC) and Ryan Nichols (VP, Cloud Strategy, Appirio) as they discuss how professional services businesses can use cloud computing to reduce IT costs, focus on core competencies and significantly improve their ability to serve customers. Trend Micro - All Clouds Are Not The Same Thirty-year security veteran and innovator, Raimund Genes, CTO, Anti-Malware,Trend Micro, offers an executive insight into cloud security and Trend Micro's Smart Protection Network. Building Case - Based Solutions: Better Decision Making in a Diverse and Competitive Financial Services Marketplace Trying to juggle the needs and demands of internal clients and stakeholders is an ongoing challenge for most CIOs. Balancing new application development projects with ongoing maintenance activities can require not only skill and agility, but time and resources that many organizations cannot afford. This session provides an overview of how to leverage a comprehensive and flexible case management solution. Coordination or Collaboration? Mitch Lieberman, VP Marketing Strategy, Sword Ciboodle presents 'Coordination or Collaboration?' at Social CRM 2011. Lieberman talks about the cross cutting of social CRM and addresses the tug of war over communication tools that exists within many organizations. Software Security Assurance Strategies in the Age of Cloud Computing and Increased IT Threats In this Thought Leadership Interview, conducted at the 2011 CIO Cloud Summit, Roger Thorton, Founder & CTO of Fortify, An HP Company, discusses why companies' data security strategies are falling short and the advantages of proactive (as opposed to reactive) security. Thorton also provides an overview of cloud computing security issues, and defines and explains the advantages of software security assurance. Box Overview Learn how Box makes it easy to share content and collaborate online. Simple online collaboration from Box: put your file server online, create team workspaces and replace your FTP software for a better, easier to use system. Spotting Utility Landscape Changes Automatically with IRISmaps and Google <p>To comply with safety regulations and manage geographically dispersed assets, utilities need efficient tools for monitoring landscape changes. Learn how Google and IRISmaps are allowing utilities to tackle challenges with innovative, cloud-based geospatial business solutions. Featuring Chelsea Minton, Sr. GIS Consultant, IRISmaps, and Paul Asoyan, Partner Manager, Google Maps for Business.</p> How Maps Can Help with Better Decision-Making Making strategic investments and optimizing your sales force are common decisions your organization needs to make. How can they be made more efficiently? Organic Foods Retailer Uses Google Maps to Increase Business Revenue In the cutthroat world of retail, being able to visualize data sets on a map can give you a competitive edge. Learn how Altostrat, an organic foods retailer in London, layers business data on top of Google Maps to inform critical business decisions, such as where to open new stores. Google Street View helps to quickly display the surrounding neighborhoods of stores. How Insurance Companies Can Stay Ahead of the Game with Google Maps In the competitive world of insurance, savvy companies are leveraging geospatial intelligence to streamline operations, personalize customer interactions and save costs for themselves and their customers. Google Maps for Business provides the building blocks to managing this data, leading to a better understanding of risk-based data and a way to automate pricing and claims. Learn how you can leverage Maps to identify, capture, and process data to turn into actionable items. GE SmallWorld with Google Maps Puts Critical Data at Utilities' Fingertips Learn how SmallWorld by GE, a Google Partner, helps utility companies serve their communities quickly and efficiently by integrating data into Google Maps. SmallWorld enables even the most minute details to be delivered to teams with incredible precision in a simple interface. Utility Companies Use Google Maps to Manage Risks and Save Costs Learn how GeoDigital, and LiDAR mapping and imaging technology program and a Google Partner, helps utility companies dramatically reduce costs by capturing and automatically storing information in the cloud. GeoDigital built its platform on top of Google's geospatial tools to provide its customers a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product. A Webinar with NetSuite and Frost & Sullivan: Capitalising on the New Reality of International Business This webinar with NetSuite and Frost & Sullivan looks at how companies today are best placed to capitilise on international business opportunities and how to make this work across your organisation. The webinar is based on research undertaken by Frost & Sullivan who surveyed some 1,425 CEO’s, CFO’s, CIO’s and IT Directors across Europe who strive on a daily basis to innovate, grow and sustain their competitive advantage.