ITO America - Podcasts ITO America online magazine Connie Moore and Colin Teubner Connie Moore, VP Research Director, Forrester, and Colin Teubner, Senior Analyst, Forrester: Discuss the Implementations of BPM and SOA Technologies Janelle Hill Janelle Hill, VP Research, Gartner: Speaks About BPM enabled SOA Mark Hillman Mark Hillman, VP Global Computing Operations: On Optimizing the Data Center to Drive the Business Scott Jennings Scott Jennings, Director North American Operations, BOARD Int'l: Discusses How BOARD International is Playing a Key Role within the Corporate Performance Management Space. Centric Solutions: William DiBella & Neil Unger William DiBella, CEO & Founder, Centric Solutions and Neil Unger, CTO, Centric Solutions: Discuss Physical Layer Infrastructure, Green IT and Global Data Center Projects Farhat Ali Farhat Ali, President & CEO, Fujitsu Computer Systems Corporation: On how to combine BPM and SOA projects and how they result in deeper benefits and agility Scott Petry, Product Management Director, Google Enterprise and Founder of Postini Scott joined Google in late 2007 as product management director. In this capacity Scott guides the integration of message security and compliance technology into Google enterprise applications. Prior to joining Google, Scott served as founder, CTO and EVP of product development for Postini. Verizon Unveils Managed Mobility Solutions for Enterprises Around the Globe Hear how Verizon has built on its history of managing and securing global customer networks to provide solutions for mobile devices around inventory and expense, logistics, device & application management, and security. Glenn Schneider, CIO, Discover Financial on the Role of Technology in the Business Glenn Schneider, CIO, Discover Financial, Business Technology and Customer Advocacy, provides a rare glimpse behind the familiar Discover credit card to reveal a close alignment between business and technology to better serve customers. Growing the Nationwide Development Center In this podcast, Srini Koushik, SVP and CTO at Nationwide Insurance, describes the driving factors behind the Nationwide Development Center, an innovative project that eliminates the need to outsource for application development as well as improves the IT experience for Nationwide associates and customers. Security in a New Era of Threats In this podcast, Jon Ramsey, CTO at SecureWorks, addresses an array of security issues currently facing businesses, including security in the cloud, insider attacks, securing mobile devices and how to manage spam and malware. The story of a CEO whose gmail account was hacked eventually leading to the loss of $1 million will shock you. BI Through the Downturn and into 2010 In this Thought-Leadership Series Interview, Chuck Musciano, VP & CIO at Martin Marietta Materials, talks about the importance of business intelligence and the role it plays at Martin Marietta Materials, a leading producer of construction aggregates in the U.S. A Closer Look at Desktop Virtualization In this podcast, Harry Labana, VP & CTO at the XenApp Product Group at Citrix, makes the case for desktop virtualization by examining its benefits, risks and associated costs. Labana also explores the differences between desktop virtualization and VDI, and explains how Citrix's partnership with Microsoft has changed both companies' approach to desktop virtualization. Successful IT Consolidation Consolidating branch offices can be an efficient strategy, but you must know when it makes sense to consolidate all or part of the branch office. This podcast covers the rules of thumb for successful IT consolidation and explains the top three challenges for IT. Maximizing the Effectiveness of Enterprise Search In this podcast, Matthew Glotzbach, Director of Product Management at Google Enterprise, outlines how to leverage and determine the effectiveness of enterprise search initiatives. He also defines social search, discussing the role it plays in the enterprise, how to make it more effective, and some of the potential benefits it can deliver to your business. New PCI DSS 2.0 - Focus On Virtualization The supplement will include detailed recommendations - perhaps requirements - and auditable controls for virtualized systems that are sure to impact your IT security and compliance plans for 2011 and beyond. But for now, this guidance is under review and subject to change. What should you do in the meantime? The Enterprise Digital Information Explosion - How to Avoid Infinite Retention In this interview, Manu Chadha, Director, Strategic Solutions at HP Information Management, discusses the digital information explosion, infinite information retention, and how technology leaders can effectively manage and dispose of electronic documents at their organization. Duration: 9 minutes. The Importance of an Application Retirement Methodology with Defensible Disposition Manu Chadha, Director, Strategic Solutions at HP IM looks at how a solid application retirement methodology can transform IT operations, the relationship between information and application sprawl, and how organizations can better manage information within the enterprise. Duration: 9 minutes. Break the Cycle of Infinite Information Retention Infinite information retention is costly and a security risk for organizations, yet 95% of businesses hold on to unneeded data. Lou Harvey, HP IM Software Archive Solutions Enablement Director looks at the disadvantages of infinite information retention and the penalties organizations may face if they do not meet IM regulations. Duration: 17 minutes. Addressing Cloud Computing Security Challenges Dave Asprey, VP of Cloud Computing at Trend Micro, discusses the unique security challenges that accompany private and public cloud computing. He also offers advice on how companies can begin to evaluate their current cloud computing security efforts and discusses which technology solutions he believes will make an impact on cloud security in 2011. From Inception to Testing For years it seems the IT industry has focused on security as a level of the network, the operating system or the user end point. And while there are still a great many truly pernicious threats targeting the user today, application vulnerabilities are becoming increasingly exploited-the recent Twitter cross-site scripting worm being a perfect example. Interview with Founder of In this interview with Patrick Pushor, CTO and Founder of, Patrick discusses the models of consumption that lend themselves well to cloud computing, covers the challenges regulated industries face when launching cloud projects, touches on the public versus private cloud debate, and names some of the non-technical barriers to cloud adoption.